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Get ahead of the Real Estate Buying Game with Buyer’s Edge Realty, Inc.

Choosing the right Realtor and Real Estate Company to represent your home buying needs can be extremely challenging. More than often, buyers secure a relationship with an agent, only to discover that the agent has financial incentive in selling specific properties - often not the best match for you.

"You deserve a professional who represents your sole, individual needs as a Homebuyer; one who doesn’t advocate for the Homeseller at the same time. That’s why smart buyers in Westchester County seek the exclusive buyer agent services from Buyer’s Edge Realty, Inc. — it’s the intelligent way to buy a home!

Buyer’s Edge Realty provides buyers with professional representation in their quest to locate and purchase residential property. When a buyer is ready to make an offer, most agents stay focused on closing the deal for the seller. At Buyer's Edge Realty this is when we begin the due diligence process which keeps the buyer fully informed and reduces the odds of unpleasant surprises. We aim to help homebuyers save time and money while ensuring the most satisfying home-buying experience.

When you work with Buyer’s Edge Realty, you benefit from our agents’ educated,
experienced backgrounds:

• Exclusive Buyer’s Agents are available 7 days a week.
• Our team takes a consultative approach to purchasing property —
you’ll never feel as if you are being “sold”.
• Agents will show you any property listed on the Westchester-Putnam MLS, including
“for sale by owner” or builder properties.
• All transactions and conversations are secured to the utmost confidence — unlike other agencies, we never share our client information without your approval.
• Our agents provide insight and advice for advantageous real estate strategies and
property negotiations.

Exclusive Buyer’s Broker Guarantees Your Satisfaction

When most other Real Estate Brokers and agencies are playing both sides of the deal and have their own best interests in mind, our buyer’s agents are on your team only. We take a professional approach that’s dedicated to the Homebuyer’s best interests. The agents at Buyer’s Edge know that if your needs are well served, you’ll tell your colleagues, friends and family about how we can help them. Serious Homebuyers know that that the only professional agency in Westchester County that solely represents buyer’s needs is Buyer’s Edge Realty, Inc.



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